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Calendering and Preforming

Our business was founded on three main principles: quality, pricing and service, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to them each day. We supply quality services at competitive pricing, no matter what the item may be. Let us know how we can help your company. We can’t wait to start working together.


42 Inch three roll calendar

For calendaring we utilize a 42 inch three roll variable speed calendar, we have three windup stations and multiple accessories for adding fabric and or plastic for material support and processing.

Two roll short run calendar

16 inch mill with ground rolls and gears, this machine is able to calendar material to gauges as low as .015 either cut into one or multiple strips then wound up with bakers paper roll approximately 50lbs or less

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GS Rubber Industries LLC can also preform material by extruder or Barwell.


Barwell Preformer


Extruder Preformer

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GSR has been molding quality compression and transfer molded rubber to metal products as well as seals grommets and armor tiles for the better part of 3 decades. Our press sizes range from 16x16 molding area at 95 tons up to 38x38 molding area 707 tons.


Compression molding

Compression molding was invented in the early 1900s to mold phenolic material. Some advantages of compression style molding are lower cost of tooling and equipment. The ability to produce quality products at high volumes but cost effective enough to handle low volume runs as well. Compression molding is highly effective when producing rubber to metal bonded product at a variety of sizes.

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Transfer molding

Transfer molding while tooling is more costly than compression tooling the increased speed in production will recover your investment much sooner than with compression tooling. Transfer molding is also capable of repeatedly producing tight tolerance product with med to high volume requirements.

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